About Us

At InnovationDock, our vision is to accelerate innovation in health solutions transforming human lives.

Our mission is to create an efficient ecosystem for entrepreneurs, established businesses, universities, public/private research and clinical institutions, and capital investors to provide and seek innovations in science, technology, engineering, and medicine that may benefit human health.

Our direct access platform is built to empower individuals - whether startup entrepreneurs, company executives, licensing professionals, or global investors - to find the best partnerships for their R&D, business development, and investment objectives in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, technologies, manufacturing, digital health, and more.

InnovationDock is here to serve:

  • Entrepreneurs offering their innovations and seeking licensees, co-development partners, and capital investors
  • Established businesses pursuing innovation providers best suited for their product, pipeline, and technology development portfolios
  • Universities and public/private research institutions searching for partners for technology transfers, new company spin-offs, and innovation collaborations
  • Clinical organizations seeking digital and other health technologies for pilot testing or implementation
  • Investors seeking emerging, innovative, and transformative products and technologies for capital investments

Through our simple and intuitive interface backed by powerful and automatic search/match capabilities, you are always assured to find the best partnerships per your custom selection criteria. Even direct communications with your potential partners are enabled for you within InnovationDock.

Join us in accelerating the human health innovation and your business success now!